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GeniSys Support Services

GeniSys Global Support Services

GeniSys offers a wide variety of levels of service that transfer the day-to-day management of equipment, allowing your company to focus on your business. Depending upon your Service Level Agreement, GeniSys will assure for the functionality and performance of your telephony, firewalls, servers, and end-user equipment.

Statistics show that 42% of Small or Medium sized businesses do not have a full time IT staff, and 38% only have one person with technical knowledge. Usually that one person also has a full time position other than IT, and only works in IT because he has some technical knowledge, but no formal training. When you take time to stop and consider the situation, it is easy to see why outsourcing some IT functions is appealing.

Traditional IT service often causes concerns about response time, security, and expenses. GeniSys has a solution that will give you peace of mind. We will maintain your support and handle your IT requirements while you concentrate on doing the business that makes you money.

Computers are electronic devices. Electronic devices wear and break. GeniSys understands that you need your data to run your business just like you need an engine to move your car. Because your data is your business, we have organized a group of services that maintain the health of your hardware and network infrastructure and keeps your business up and running smoothly.

Most of our services are proactive, monitoring and identifying problems before they happen, reducing the amount of instances where an engineer is required to be onsite. Response time is immediate – no need to wait for a person to arrive. Your network is repaired before you know you have a problem. You save money, your network keeps working, and your data is available.

When our engineers are required to visit, you can be assured that you are receiving service from personnel who have been professionally certified to resolve your issues. All the GeniSys engineers have also received CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Service) clearance to put any security concerns at rest. GeniSys values the privacy and integrity of your data and has taken steps to make sure that those who represent our company meet the industry standards for security.

Here are some additional Benefits provided by GeniSys Support Services:

Significant reduction in downtime. On average annual downtime decreases by more than 50%. This translates to savings by decreasing loss of revenue from the inability to perform critical tasks during a system outage.

Focus on core business initiatives. Resources and personnel can be retasked due to the reduction of downtime and elimination of normal IT maintenance tasks.

Peace of mind. Everything is under control. Everything is running smoothly. Eliminating lost emails, SPAM, virus infections, and all those things that diminish the functionality of your work force are history.

Company wide deployment. Instead of upgrades and patches performed on individual machines, one at a time, GeniSys Support has the ability to conduct these tasks during your “off hours,” automatically, and immediately.

Professional services. Engineers that understand and are qualified to service routers, switches, servers, and all the other devices that make up your network will be monitoring and maintaining it for you. To summarize, GeniSys can resolve a majority of problems remotely and provide on-site support when needed. GeniSys has the knowledge base to manage and resolve complex IT Infrastructure issues. GeniSys has a cost effective plan at a fixed monthly rate to meet your specific needs. GeniSys offers you flexibility, giving you a stronger Service Level Contract with a higher uptime guarantee.