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GeniSys Global, Advanced IT And Communications Integration and Management, Wilmington NC


IT Simplified!
The Genisys Private Cloud Platform with Portal-Driven Automation both simplify and accelerate the delivery of Cloud based services. Our Channel Partners can configure a new Hosted Service for you, or migrate your organization’s entire infrastructure to the Genisys Secure Cloud™. Genisys provides the ability to monitor, manage and support it all; from the Data Center systems, the bandwidth down to your firewall, and even local network and devices.

"We are committed to freeing you from the high costs and limitations of a traditional IT and Communications Infrastructure, while enabling you to achieve better communication, collaboration and productivity across your organization. With the support of our principle Technology Partners, Microsoft and Citrix, we will continue the evolution of the Genisys Secure Cloud™ as the best and most comprehensive offering of hosted services available."

David Spears, Founder and CEO and Johnny Diggs, Founder and CIO